Cloud Console

Getting to know the Gretel Console
The Gretel Console provides a fast and easy way to generate synthetic data, classify and redact PII etc. without having to download or install any tools. Sign up for a free Developer account and choose a sample file in the dashboard to get started.
Use a sample file to create a model
The dashboard also provides a launching pad for creating models using your own data. Start by creating a new project. Click the New Project button in the sidebar, or the
button in the top navigation bar.
Create a new project
Projects can contain one or more models of different types such as Synthetic, Classify or Transform.

Additional Console Features

You can also manage your Account in the Console, view Documentation and Announcements, and create a support ticket any time you need additional help.
Account Management

Share Projects

The Members section inside each project allows you to quickly share that project with collaborators. The following access permissions are supported: Read-only, Read/Write, Administrator, Co-Owner.

Create your First Synthetic Dataset

Here's a quick walkthrough of creating synthetic data using one of our sample datasets.
Create synthetic data
For more, check out our video on generating synthetic data in 60 seconds