SDK & CLI Installation

Get up and running with Gretel's CLI and SDK.
Before you start, you will need to setup your environment and install the appropriate packages. The Gretel CLI is tested on Python 3.7+.


The most straightforward way to install the gretel-client CLI and SDK is with pip:
pip install -U gretel-client

CLI Configuration

Next, configure API credentials. This can be done by simply running:
gretel configure
Accept the default for the Endpoint.
The Default Runner is set for cloud. If you need to run compute on your own machine(s), change this value to local.
When prompted for your Gretel API Key, paste the key you created in the Gretel Console.
When prompted for your Default Project, enter a Project Name or accept the default.
At this point, your configuration should have been written to your home directory. To validate the connection to Gretel Cloud, run the command below to validate your credentials with the Gretel SaaS service.
gretel whoami