Getting Started

Using Navigator in Model Playground

An easy way to try out Navigator (for free!) is to start in the Model Playground.

  1. Sign into the console and select "Gretel Navigator" from the Model Playground.

  2. Try out an example prompt in the playground, or use your own.

  3. Pro tip: review the Prompts page to get the best results from your input

Use Navigator via the Gretel SDK

You can use Navigator operationally through the Gretel SDK.

  1. Create a Gretel account if you don't already have one in order to get your API key.

  2. Start from an example notebook or create your own

If you're feeling stuck, you may find the following use cases helpful to get started.

Example 1: I want some data, but I don’t have concrete structure for that data

Let’s say we want to generate data that represents consumer packaged goods inventory.

We can workshop prompt ideas first using Gretel GPT. You can find Gretel GPT in the model selector dropdown in the Model Playground.

Try asking Gretel GPT:

What are common headers of a consumer packaged goods (CPG) inventory dataset?


Help me write a prompt for a large language model (LLM) to create a dataset that represents consumer packaged goods (CPG) inventory

We can use the responses from Gretel GPT to start with a prompt and then narrow it down to be more specific for the data we're looking for.

Pro tip: After submitting a prompt to Gretel Navigator, you can further refine the results by adding sample data from the output. Select "Add an example to improve result" and choose "Import current output". You can make edits to the output to match what you're looking for.

Example 2: I want data and I know the structure I need

For best results, describe the data you're looking to create in a clear manner: like using bullet points and clear descriptions for each column. Review the Prompts doc for best practices.

Example 3: I have data and want to add new columns to it

This feature is currently available via the Gretel SDK, and coming soon to the playground. To use this via the SDK, make sure to write a clear prompt describing the new column you want to add to your data.

You can see an example of adding columns in this Colab notebook.

Example 4: I have data and want to modify it

Coming soon to both SDK and playground!

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