New to the Gretel SDK? Start here!

The Gretel SDK Blueprints are a series of notebooks that are designed to provide a foundational introduction to the Gretel SDK.

  1. Gretel 101 Blueprint – Learn the basics of the Gretel SDK by training a deep generative model in the Gretel Cloud.

  2. Gretel Advanced Tabular Blueprint – Use the Gretel SDK to customize model configurations and conditionally generate synthetic data.

  3. Gretel Text Generation Blueprint – Leverage the Gretel SDK to fine tune and prompt a multi-billion parameter large language model (LLM).

What's Next?

  • Review our specific use case Use Case Examples which you can test out and modify as needed.

  • Dive into the Gretel Fundamentals section to understand the core Gretel concepts you'll be working with regularly.

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