Start generating synthetic data in minutes.

Create and share data with best-in-class accuracy and privacy guarantees with Gretel.

1. Set up Gretel

For more detailed instructions, see Environment Setup.

2. Start using Gretel

Gretel Console

Gretel's Console provides easy to use blueprints that you can deploy without writing any code. Check out our Console setup guide to start using Gretel via our Console.

Gretel 101 Blueprint Notebook

Try this short Google Colab notebook to see synthetic data generation with Gretel in action, no code installation required!

3. What's Next?

  • Follow along with Gretel Blueprints which cover some common foundational use cases.

  • Review our specific use case Use Case Examples which you can test out and modify for your own needs.

  • Dive into the Gretel Fundamentals section to understand the core Gretel concepts you'll be working with regularly.

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