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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What types of data can I work with using Navigator? Gretel Navigator is designed to support tabular data containing any combination of numeric, categorical, and text modalities. This flexibility allows you to work seamlessly across various types of datasets, catering to a broad range of data generation and augmentation tasks.

  2. Is Navigator generally available? Yes! Navigator is now generally available.

  3. How can I get started? Log in or create a free Gretel account, and access Navigator here: https://console.gretel.ai/navigator or using the SDK through your API key.

  4. What can I do with Navigator? You can generate tabular data from natural language or SQL prompts, edit existing datasets, augment data, fill in missing values, experiment interactively in the console, and generate and edit data at scale using our batch API and SDK.

  5. How can I provide feedback or report bugs for Navigator? Your input is crucial. Please use this feedback tool, file requests or bugs through the console or support@gretel.ai or join the Discord channel link in your invite to share feedback and communicate directly with our team.

  6. Why is my feedback important? Your feedback helps us prioritize our development roadmap. By sharing your experience and suggestions, you directly contribute to shaping the future features and improvements of Navigator.

  7. What about larger datasets and advanced features? We're committed to rapidly increasing the scale of datasets that Navigator can handle and are continuously working on enhancing the AI's capabilities. Expect regular updates and improvements based on user feedback.

  8. Can I use Navigator to work with my existing datasets? Absolutely! Navigator is designed to assist in editing and augmenting existing datasets. You can fill in missing values, make corrections, or extend your datasets using natural language prompts.

  9. How much does Navigator cost? Navigator is billed by character input and output. 1 Gretel credit = 100,000 characters. Every user receives 15 free credits monthly, which is the equivalent of 1.5 million characters free! Learn more about credits and pricing here.

  10. How can I learn to use Navigator effectively? Start with the getting started guide, prompts guide, and examples and tutorials. You can also reach out to us if you have more questions.

  11. Is Navigator a model or an application? It's actually both. Navigator is a compound AI system that leverages multiple transformer-based models, including Gretel’s own finetuned LLM.

  12. How does Gretel Navigator overcome the limitations of traditional LLMs in data generation tasks? Traditional LLMs are limited by their context windows and struggle with tasks that exceed these limits or require precise mathematical operations. Gretel Navigator overcomes these by using an agent-based approach that plans tasks, delegates operations beyond the scope of LLMs, and ensures high-quality output without the complexities for the user.

  13. Can I run Gretel Navigator in my own cloud or VPC? Currently, Navigator runs inside Gretel’s managed cloud. We are working to make it available in any public cloud, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Contact us if you have questions or need any additional details.

  14. What else is coming for Navigator? Data quality and diversity, as well as advanced agent capabilities and some LLM model updates, are still under development.

  15. Are there safety checks for prompts submitted to Navigator?

    At Gretel, we are committed to promoting fair and equitable use of our AI systems. We firmly stand against any hateful, discriminatory, or otherwise harmful content. All prompts submitted to Navigator undergo safety and alignment checks to ensure they adhere to our guidelines. Content flagged as potentially harmful will be reviewed by our security team, and violators may have their access revoked. We take these measures seriously to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users. For more information on what constitutes acceptable use, please visit our guidelines at ​https://gretel.ai/terms.

  16. What data sources is Navigator trained on? Navigator is trained on high quality, structured and semi-structured tabular datasets with permissible licenses, that have been curated and organized across over 20 industry verticals including Healthcare, Biotechnology, Finance, Telecommunications, Government, Pharma, Retail, and others. Goals with model training include familiarizing the model with industry specific dataset formats, teaching data correlations inside analytics and machine learning datasets, and improving task performance for being able to fill in missing values, clean data, or generate data at scale for analytics and machine learning use cases.

  17. What large language model (LLM) does Gretel Navigator use for generating tabular data? Gretel Navigator uses a mixture of expert models including foundation models and Gretel's fine-tuned model specialized in generating tabular data. Data generation requests may utilize a combination of models to compare and optimize performance.

  18. Can you share the details of each LLM that Gretel Navigator uses? Certainly! There are currently three options for customers:



    Auto-selected model

    This setting automatically selects the best model from the list below to generate high-quality data at scale. Note: please read each description carefully to understand specific constraints of each model and, if applicable, to make a different model selection when using Navigator to best suit your use case.

    Gretel Custom Model (Industry fine-tuned)


    Gretel's proprietary LLM

    Gretel's proprietary model is based on Mistral-7b and fine-tuned by Gretel on curated and synthetic industry-specific datasets from 10+ verticals. Data generated from this LLM is owned by the user and can be used for any downstream task without licensing concerns.

    Gretel Azure GPT-3.5 Turbo gretelai-azure/gpt-3.5-turbo

    Gretel's LLM + Azure OpenAI models

    Gretel's LLM along with Azure OpenAI models are both leveraged. This option offers excellent free text capabilities and speed, but data generated from this model may have certain restrictions. Please see Azure's documentation for possible restrictions.

    Gretel Google Gemini Pro gretelai-google/gemini-pro

    Gretel's LLM + Google Gemini Pro models

    Both Gretel's LLM along with Google Gemini Pro models are leveraged in this option. This option offers excellent free text capabilities and speed, but data generated from this model may have certain restrictions. Please read Google's documentation to understand possible restrictions.

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