All about inference pricing


Navigator (and all Gretel inference APIs) are billed by characters. Both input (prompt and existing data) and output characters count toward usage.

Navigator pricing is as follows:

1 Gretel credit = 100,000 characters. This includes counting both input and output.

Every Gretel user monthly receives 15 free credits, which means 1.5 million free characters, every month.

What is billed?

All inference is billed by character. This includes the playground (which you can find on the Gretel console) and well as the inference SDK and Navigator batch job SDK.

How do I see usage?

We log characters and amount billed for each inference call so that it's easy for you to track.

In playground, go to the Logs section on the right hand rail.

To track usage and billing for batch jobs and inference SDK, select "Usage" under your profile on Gretel Console.

How does character count work?

Input and output characters count toward what is billed. We round to the nearest 10 characters for billing. Remember, pricing is as shown above for characters per Gretel credit.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at

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