Integrate Gretel with your existing data services using Workflows.

With Gretel Workflows, you can train and run one or more Gretel Models by connecting directly to your data sources and destinations. We support the following integrations for data inputs and outputs.

Supported Connectors

Object Storage

Relational Databases

Data Warehouses

Managing Connections

Connections are used to authenticate Workflow Actions. Each action is compatible with a specific type of connection. For example, the s3_source action requires a s3 connection.

Permissions and Connection Sharing

When creating a connection, you must select a project for the connection to reside in. The connection will inherit all the project permissions and user memberships.

Project PermissionConnection Permissions


  • Users can list and view connection metadata.


  • Users can access connections in a Workflow.


  • Users can create, edit and delete connections.


  • Full control.

Connections can be reused across Workflows, actions, and projects.

Creating Connections

If you're creating Connections in a Hybrid environment, follow along here: Connectors in Hybrid

First, create a file on your local computer containing the connection credentials. This file should also include type, name, config and credentials. The config and credentials field should contain fields that are specific to the connection being created.

Below is an example S3 connection

  "type": "s3",
  "name": "my-s3-connection",
    "access_key_id": "..."
  "credentials": {
    "secret_access_key": "..."

Now that you've created the credentials file, use the CLI to create the connection

gretel connections create --project [project id] --from-file [credential_file.json]

Updating Connections

Connection types cannot be changed once a connection is created.

To update the connection, follow the steps from Creating Connections to create a credentials file for the updated connection.

Then run the following command from

gretel connections update --id [connection-id] --from-file [updated_credentials.json]

Deleting Connections

gretel connections delete --id [connection-id]

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