Data Warehouse

Connect Gretel to data warehouse platforms.

Gretel workflows support connecting to the following data warehouse platforms:

Gretel data warehouse connectors can be used in Gretel Workflows to operationalize synthetic data into your data pipeline.


When reading from a data warehouse connector, the source action can extract:

  • an entire database, OR

  • selected tables from a database, OR

  • the results of SQL query/queries against a database.

Each time the workflow is run the source action will extract the most recent data from the source database.

When combined in a workflow, the data extracted from the {data_warehouse}_source action is used to train models and generate synthetic data with the gretel_tabular action, and can be written to an output database a {data_warehouse}_destination action.

Do not use your input data warehouse connection as an output connector. This action can result in the unintended overwriting of existing data.

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