Deployment Options

Where do Gretel Models run?

Gretel jobs run within the Gretel Data Plane. Gretel provides two deploy options for the Gretel Data Plane that you may utilize depending on your requirements.

Gretel Cloud

Gretel Cloud is a comprehensive, fully managed service for synthetic data generation and it operates within Gretel's cloud compute infrastructure, allowing Gretel to handle all concerns related to compute, automation, and scalability. Gretel Cloud provides a seamless solution that simplifies the technical demands of setting up your own machine learning cloud infrastructure.

When you create your Gretel account you're given instant access to Gretel Cloud and Gretel Cloud Workers, so you can start your first model training job instantly.

Gretel Hybrid

Gretel Hybrid operates within your own cloud tenant and is deployed on Kubernetes. Gretel Hybrid is supported on GCP, Azure, and AWS through the use of the managed Kubernetes services offered by these cloud providers. Gretel Hybrid interfaces with the Gretel Control Plane API for job scheduling and job related metadata but customer owned data will never egress from your cloud environment. Gretel Hybrid is particularly well suited for handling sensitive or regulated data that cannot leave your cloud tenant's boundaries. Gretel Hybrid combines the benefits of using your infrastructure for training synthetic data models with Gretel’s advanced tools, offering a balance of control and convenience.

To learn more about Gretel Hybrid, check out the Gretel Hybrid section in our documentation.

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