Workflows and Connectors

Scaling synthetic data generation.

Gretel Workflows provide an easy to use, config driven API for automating and operationalizing Gretel. Using Connectors, you can connect Gretel Workflows to various data sources such as S3 or MySQL and schedule recurring jobs to make it easy to securely share data across your organization.

A Gretel Workflow is constructed of actions that connect to various services including object stores and databases. These actions are then composed to create a pipeline for processing data with Gretel. In the example above:

  1. A source action is configured to extract data from a source, such as S3 or MySQL.

  2. The extracted source data is passed as inputs to Gretel Models. Using Workflows you can chain together different types of models based on specific use cases or privacy needs.

  3. A destination action writes output data from the models to a sink.

A Workflow is typically created for a specific use case or data source and can be compared with a data pipeline or DAG.

For more information, please refer to the full Workflows and Connectors documentation.

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