Gretel Fundamentals

In addition to the Gretel Console. You can configure recurring and automatic workflows using Gretel's CLI and Python SDK. Currently, both our CLI and Python SDK are bundled within the same Python package.
These fundamentals will walk you through core functionality that you should understand when creating advanced workflows with Gretel. Throughout the documentation we will utilize relevant CLI and SDK commands for common tasks and configurations.
Before going further, you should have installed and configured the Gretel Client to communicate with Gretel Cloud.
If you prefer to deploy the Gretel data plane in your own cloud tenant, please go through the Gretel Hybrid instructions first.
Here are the core fundamentals you will be familiar with after going through the next few sections:
  • Creating, accessing, and deleting Gretel Projects
  • Creating models. Most models are created the same way, and the details of the model are specified within the Gretel Configuration.
  • Running models. Running models will let you generate unlimited amounts of synthetic data.
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