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Tabular LLM

Resources for the Tabular LLM Early Access Preview

About Tabular LLM

Tabular LLM is Gretel's first AI system designed to generate, edit, and augment tabular data using natural language or SQL prompts. It's a tool for working with and enhancing datasets in a more intuitive and interactive way.

Getting Started

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    Once you're approved, sign into the console and select "Create Structured Data" from the model playground.
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    More advanced features such as data editing and augmentation are available via the Gretel SDK. Get started with a notebook example.

We need your feedback!

We’re rapidly adding new features and improvements to Tabular LLM, so we appreciate your patience and feedback. If you’ve already tried Tabular LLM and haven’t been able to get the results you expected (or even if you are), we’re here to help. The primary goal with this early access program is to better understand what you, our customer, are trying to achieve, and we’d love to work with you to get high quality data for your use case.