Release Notes

Stay up to date with the latest examples and release notes for Navigator.

Release Notes


  • Navigator supports even better state-of-the-art finetuned industry dataset, based on the open Mistral model. Select "Gretel finetuned industry" from the dropdown


  • Now you can submit your feedback on each result in the playground. Click the thumbs up / thumbs down buttons to send your feedback


  • Navigator (previously Tabular LLM) now supports example table rows in the playground! Try it out in the console


  • Tabular LLM can now accept example rows of data to ensure that generated data has consistent formatting. Available now via the Gretel SDK. Console support coming soon.


  • Improved reliability of data augmentation via Gretel SDK

  • Logs now available in Gretel console model playground 📖


  • Tabular LLM is now available via the Gretel SDK 🧩

  • Introducing data edit ✏️ and augmentation modes with the SDK, console support coming soon


  • Early access preview is now live 🚀

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